Jun 09

Introducing Puro Tech, ang tech podcast para sa ating lahat

Podcast Name, Structure, Aims, Audience, and Language

The podcast kicks off, first and foremost, by talking about the podcast name. Then we talk about the podcast structure, thereby talking about the podcast's aims. Our target audience are Filipinos all over the world, and we tell you why. Including those in the Philippines, of course, so yeah, we'll use a lot of Filipino, Tagalog, and Filipino English. We would rate this show PG-13.

Anong Tech Mo?

Each episode starts off with the "Anong Tech Mo?" segment. Usually we'll have guests, but for this maiden episode, we first briefly introduce ourselves by answering our soon-to-be standard question-for-guests: "What is your tech?" More specifically we talk about our current, past, and future tech history. Yeah, you might say we're Apple fanbois, but you know, we just love quality products and services. Because we also like Google Search, Google Maps, Google Translate, Google Reader APIs, and so on, but we don't exactly like Android. And we don't exactly use iCloud.


The next segment is the "Basa!" segment. Here, we talk about the latest relevant tech news that we've recently read or heard from international tech podcasts. In this episode, we briefly mention Kodak's financial problems and the upcoming 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Did I already mention that I love Apple products?

The Cheese Miss

Then we will have The Cheese Miss segment where we talk about tech rumors. In this episode, we talk about a few (Apple) rumors in "Cheese Miss": iPhone 5, iPad 3 (and 4?), and iTV rumors.

But, being in January, the start of a new year, both in the international calendar and also in the lunar calendar, we talk about our tech predictions for 2012, in light of what has happened in 2011 (i.e. iPad 2, iPhone 4S, Galaxy Nexus and ICS, Steve Jobs, Amazon Kindle Fire, iPad assassins ambushed).

Panoorin Mo 'To

We'll usually feature a cool or funny video in "Panoorin Mo 'To," and here we'll feature something that's probably kind of "gasgas" already. We're talking about the Volkswagen commercial titled "The Force," but here we show you the making of that video.

The Helpline and The Buzzline

The last two parts of the show are The Helpline and The Buzzline segments, where we'll give you tips or answer your tech questions, and where we'll feature your own comments and opinions. Basically, the last part of the show is all about our (soon-to-be) listeners.

For this episode, we don't yet have video voicemails or e-mails (heck we don't have listeners just yet), so instead we'll give you a Facebook gaming tip in Helpline (i.e. use Auto Collect Games Bonuses!) and let you know how you can give us a buzz to feature on The Buzzline.

Send us emails at me@ronjie.com. For voicemails, you can also email us at the same address with your voice mail as an audio file attachment. For video voicemails, you can try to email us your video file at the same address, but we suggest uploading to YouTube, Vimeo, or similar sites, and then sending us the link. Please limit your voicemails and video voicemails to 30 seconds. We cannot guarantee that your email, voicemail, or video voicemail will be featured on the show in full or in part.

P.S. Early in the episode, the video goes haywire and we didn't notice until we were done recording. Apologies for the unfortunate hiccup! We'll continue to use better video recording techniques next time to prevent this from happening again.

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