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It's Sunday, January 15, 2012 and this is Episode 2 of the Puro Tech show, ang podcast para sa ating lahat. This is Ron from RONJIE.COM. You can contact us at purotech@ronjie.com, and watch past episodes at purotech.blogspot.com.

Last October, I entered a contest held by Samsung Mobile Philippines where I should complete the sentence "I wanna level APP because..." I finished it with "I wanna become an Android. :D"  I won! But I'm not sure if it's because of my entry, or it was just a random draw. There were 6 of us who won, 3 on Twitter and 3 on Facebook. I forgot all about it until I checked my Twitter DMs about 3 weeks later. I won! Finally after all that ka-busy-han, I was able to get my prize - a Samsung Galaxy Y.

And now the wifey is using it. She's currently looking for work here in Japan, and when I ask the wifey, "Anong Tech mo?" her answers are not so surprising.

In Basa!, we learn about the most exciting CES 2012 announcements and product showcases. Bob Marley's son and Justin Bieber were there to introduce some new products. Lenovo came out with an HD TV with Android ICS. We also talk about PinoyTechBlog's top 5 tech trends in the Philippines for 2012. We also talk a bit about Bill Shock. And HSBC's predicted top economies by the year 2050.

We're renaming our 3rd part from The Cheese Miss, to The Big Cheesy Miss. It's all the same but the name. The new name is like The Big Miss (Ang malaking pagkakamali?), but cheesy. Of course, "cheesy miss," which sounds like tsismis, is still there. And our tsismis for the week is an Apple iBooks announcement rumor.

Panoorin Mo' To! A Sony executive showcases his collection of cool old Sony stuff.

For Helpline, we help the wifey with a tech question of her own. We talk about Facebook privacy settings related to some of your apps, e.g. games.

We still don't have any buzzlines yet! Except I got some much appreciated, good feedback from a couple of good friends.

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